Nourishing Cream for breast

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Nourishing Cream for breast is a deeply hydrating and natural formula used to boost skin moisture, elasticity and softness.

Content: 100g

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  • Nourishing Cream for Breast

    This soft Nourishing Cream for breasts is a deep hydrating cream using a natural formula of milk proteins, natural essences, and vitamins – along with Thailand best kept herbal secret, Pueraria Mirifica – in order to encourage blood throw and tissue growth within the breasts.

    • Easy to apple
    • Hydrates tired skin
    • Encourages growth
    • Enhances suppleness
    • Risk free, all-natural alternative

    Why Milk Proteins?

    Protein is the necessary ingredient within our bodies for the building of hormones and repairing cells and tissues. Without protein, our bodies cannot build up the fatty tissues that we need to grow.

    The results are fast – being noticeable within 1 week to a month and is completely natural and chemical free.

    Our Nourishing Cream only uses the highest quality ingredients sourced from Thailand in order to provide you with an exception product for supple, hydrated, smooth skin. Sometimes, all we need a little confidence boost, and with this Nourishing Cream, you’ll have plenty of energy and much less body insecurities.

    The cream, has been designed to boost elasticity and softness of the skin around the bust, adding skin moisture for a healthy glow. When used correctly, this massage cream also encourages the growth of breast tissue – providing an easy and risk-free breast enlargement. Women have seen quick results from all Pueraria Mirifica products – some proving to have grown in breast size by up to 1 inch.

    Our secret?

    This hydrating cream uses a Thailand’s ‘miracle herb’ extract, Pueraria Mirifica, which has been used for hundreds of years by doctors across Asia to revitalize the body’s skin, chemical free. Helping to maintain breast size and suppleness, with its estrogenic powers, this high quality and all-natural product will provide confidence-boosting results, with absolutely no negative side effects.

    This is the perfect Nourishing Cream for a high quality, completely all-natural way to resize and tone breasts, as well as giving your skin, hair and nails, a fresh and healthy colour.

    Not only will this Nourishing Cream hydrate, enlarge and tone the appearance of breasts, it will also help with those other forgotten health issues – from sleep disorders or menopausal symptoms.

    How to use our nourishing cream for breast

    Apply and massage the cream into the chest until it is completely absorbed. Focus on the base of the breast, to enhance and enlarge. Use twice a day for the best results – after showering or bathing in the morning, and before bed at night.The Nourishing cream will then work to hydrating and tone the skin.

    You should begin to see the difference within a week to a month. With this natural product, there are no side effects, therefore it can be used continuously for however long you wish. Once you stop using the product, you may find the breasts retract back to their old form slowly. In this case, continue to use the cream in a smaller dosage to avoid backtracking.

    The cream is suitable for all skin types. Do not use f you are below the age of 20, and /or are pregnant.