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Pueraria Mirifica Results

In our previous blog posts we have covered the benefits of Pueraria Mirifica and the products made from its fruit, seeds and extracts.

But how can we prove our words are true? In this post, we’ll talk about a number of studies which have taken place, and the results of each as well as explaining in more detail the science behind the plant and its benefits. This will help to prove just how beneficial Pueraria Mirifica can be.

Pueraria Mirifica Results for Breast Enlargement

pueraria mirifica before after

Breast Enlargement is probably the most popular effect that Pueraria Mirifica has on the body. By taking a supplement or massaging a cream or lotion into the breasts, many women – and men – have seen an increase in breast size, as well as a toned shape and firmness.

Case Study: Professor Kuramoshi & Yuthana

Professor Kuramoshi and professor Yuthana hosted the first experiment into the plant as a herbal breast enhancement product. They tested the plant on 50 Japanese women aging from 20, to 49 (Premenopausal, fertile women). Each woman received a daily dosage of Pueraria Mirifica between 100mg to 600mg.

70% of the women observed breast enlargement as well as skin firmness.

Case Study: Chulalongkorn University

Students at the University of Chulalongkorn, Bangkok more recently took part in a study in the year 2000.

Groups of roughly 30 women (32 in one group, 34 in another, 31 in the last) were given a dosage to take daily for 15 days a month. One group received a 400mg dose, and another 800mg. The last group was given a placebo.

The results were much more conclusive than those in the original herbal breast enhancement experiment by the professors. After taking the supplement for two months (30 days with the supplement in total), 40.6% of women taking 400mg a day confirmed their breasts felt firmer and perkier. However, only 9.38% had noticed a noticeable breast enlargement.

Meanwhile, 88.2% reported new firmness in the breasts and a striking 82.4% also confirmed an increase in breast size.

These results testified the point that small doses can make a great difference to the firmness of the breasts by encouraging blood circulation and strengthening the tissue around it. Meanwhile, a large dose can be used to add size and fullness to the breasts – encouraging growth of the fatty tissues around the breast.

Additional Studies

Other studies into the Pueraria Mirifica plant and its benefit for breast enhancement found plenty more specific instructions when using the lotions and supplements for this reason. From the results of these studies, the following has been concluded:

  • 90% of women will experience the effects of the phyto-estrogen in the plant which induces cell turgidty and therefore breast firmness. Not everyone will experience the same levels of growth however, and some women may not notice any change in size. 10% of women do not experience any effect and this is said to be due to physiological and emotion differences in all of us.
  • For the 90% who notice an increase in size, Pueraria Mirifica can be an all-natural way to enlarge the breasts by anywhere up to 1 inch bigger than the original size. This effect will last for 2-3months if treatment is not continued.
  • When used in a lotion form, women can benefit from breast enlargement if taken with calcium supplements and partaking in chest exercises.
  • The body best absorbs Pueraria Mirifica in the form of a fine powder taking in small milligrams daily. Due to the strength of the phyto-estrogens, only tiny amounts of the concentrated powder should be taken per day.
  • Some women may notice an increase in breast size within a matter of days – some have reported an increase of 2.5cm within five days. These women may notice a plateau of enlargement after this: Some women’s bodies will reach a peak size quicker than others, thanks to a quick response system in their body.

A little science into the Pueraria Mirifica Results for Breasts

Increase in breast size is due to the improved development of mammary tissue within the breast that branches to the ducts in the nipples. Pueraria Mirifica will increase the number of fatty tissues and ligaments, too, to provide support for the new, larger shape of each breast.


pueraria mirifica results

When Menopause begins, the estrogen hormones decrease in production which causes a number of wrinkles, mood changes, hot flushes and plenty more. The phase can be extremely difficult for some women.


The company Bio-Botanica feel so strongly about the benefits of Pueraria Mirifica and its reduction of menopausal symptoms that it patented a particular extract from the plant: Puresterol. In their own research, they found this particular extract could be used for internal and external application and cultivates the highest levels of active ingredients from the plant itself. The active ingredients are in the process of being tested fully to support Bio-Botanica’s findings for using the plant to alleviate menopausal symptoms.
The patent also boasts that the extract can reduce wrinkles and eye irritation when applied to the skin.

Efficacy and safety of Pueraria Mirifica (Kwao Kruea Khao) for the treatment of vasomotor symptoms in premenopausal women: Phase II

The study concluded: “Pueraria mirifica, containing phytoestrogens, relatively alleviated the climacteric symptoms in premenopausal women. The transient negative profiles occurred in a small number of subjects that included anemia, and liver profiles. While there was a slight decrease in lipoproteins and an increase in hormonal profiles, Pueraria mirifica demonstrates great promise in the treatment of climacteric symptoms among premenopausal women.”

Additional Studies

  • Studies have shown that the phyto-estrogen in the Pueraria Mirifica plant will act as a new female hormone and will nourish the physical health of the individual. It is advised that a low dose each day is taken to feel the effects.

In the clinical research study done into Pueraria Mirifica as a herbal breast enlargement, results show that one capsule a day – either after breakfast or before bed – is ideal for the aging person. Causing no effect on the breast at this low dose, the users still noticed an increase in the health of their skin, hair and bones.

  • Another placebo trial featuring a double-blind technique experimented with a number of doses and strength in contrast with a placebo medicine to see how Pueraria really worked. Using a group of postmenopausal women (45-60 years of age), each volunteer was measured for how the medication had affected their blood lipids, bone alkaline, endometrial thickness and breast parameters. To ensure toxicity levels were double checked, liver and renal blood parameters were also measured.

    The group took their designated dose for 24 weeks. Those taking Pueraria had a noticeable decrease in bone alkaline phosphatase. This means that the Pueraria Mirifica doses did in fact help with increasing the strength of bones – an issue that many women end up suffering with in menopause.

    Although this was a breakthrough, the study didn’t find a noticeable change in the breasts of endometrium, which therefore concluded the hypothesis that the plant has an effect on the uterine lining or breast tissue in menopausal women to a pharmaceutical grade.

  • A clinical pilot study – which was later followed up with a larger clinical trial – found that menopausal women who took the Pueraria Mirifica supplements at 50mg or 100mg daily had reduced hot flushes and night sweats. The study was measured over 6 months.

Vaginal Health
pueraria mirifica and libido

Another effect of Menopause is a decrease in libido and general vaginal health. It is thought that whilst Pueraria Mirifica cannot improve sex drive, it can improve vaginal  health – alleviate dryness and the thinning of the lining. This, in turn, has had positive effects on a women’s sex drive.

Beneficial Estrogenic Effects of Pueraria mirifica on Vaginal Health in Postmenopausal Women

In 2007, a study by the Department of Obstertrics and Gynaecology at Mahidol Univeristy, Bangkok, was created at the Faculty of Medicine at Ramathibodi Hospital.
The study aimed to test whether Pueraria any effect on vaginal health. This was measure through vaginal symptoms, health index, PH rating, and the vaginal cytology in postmenopausal women.

To achieve their conclusion, students used women aged 45 – 60 who had volunteered for the randomised, double-blind placebo study.

Each volunteer received either a 20, 30 or 50mg dose of Pueraria or a placebo. They took the capsule for 24 weeks, once a day.

71 women took part and were inspected after the 24 weeks and during. Groups who received the real Pueraria capsules noticed a decrease in vaginal dryness after just 12 weeks. Vaginal maturation index was also seen to increase. Neither the Pueraria takers, nor the placebo takers experience any side effects within the experiment.

Breast Cancer Prevention

With its Ancient medicinal background, Pueraria Mirifica is known to cure, heal and prevent over 300 illnesses. One off which is cancer. The plant is believed to have preventative powers over cancerous cells to stop them from developing. Research still needs to be done into this category however, if successful, herbal treatments could change the cancer epidemic entirely. For now, doctors suggest taking the herbal supplement as a preventative precaution daily.

Emory University School of Medicine & Phramongkutklao College of Medicine

Studies into Pueraria Mirifica and its involvement with preventing breast cancer have taken place within the Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia. The students partnered with The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Phramongkutklao College of Medicine in Bangkok for the trial.

The studies focus on breast cell lines and the effects of Pueraria Mirifica in this area. The result proved root extract from the plant has active anti-estrogenic properties which fight against aggressive cell cancer lines. This was particularly focused on cell lines within the female breasts.

No Side Effects

Pueraria Mirifica Plant

Pueraria Mirifica is so favourite amongst ancient medicinal practices because of its all-natural healing powers with no side effects.
As time moves on, the risk of certain supplements, medicines and lotions is a growing concern.

Ministry of Public Health, Thailand

Officials from the Ministry of Public Health endorse Pueraria thanks to its history in the country for thousands of years. The ministry explains that it has been used safely for centuries and modern science supports its safety and efficiency. Particularly when acting as a medication or breast enhancer.

The Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research, 2009

Using the prescribed doses for therapeutic practise, the Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research, published in September 2009 that their tests supported the safe use of Pueraria Mirifica. This was both as a dietary supplement or ingredient for cosmetics.

To Conclude

We understand that simply being told the benefits of a product isn’t always enough. Occasionally, we are dubious about the ingredients of a product and the efficiency of its use. Without scientific proof  or friends referrals, it can be hard to part with money to try a new product.

The above is intended to prove to you just how versatile the Pueraria Mirifica plant is. It is here to show the different ways it can benefit you. Most studies into the plant are focus on post-menopausal women, but it is easy to see that everyone can benefit from these effects. The benefits can be reaped at any age, even during the reproductive ages.

Medicinal journals and patents are set in place to prove the effects of Pueraria Mirifica. These are available online if you wish to do your own research.

Don’t forget, the plant is used in a huge range of ways. From cooking, to supplements and lotions. There’s an easy way for everyone to get their hands on Pueraria. And with scientific evidence, you can use the product assured that it is side effect free: You will only experience positive benefits.





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