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10 Tips That Will Make Your Breasts Look Amazing

 The breasts are a really special area of the female body and of course most men will agree with that statement immediately 😉

But they are not special just because they’re what men focus on and a major source of joy when making love and also fantasies.

They are very special and they need a good care to remain tight, and healthy as long as possible.

Here is how you can take good care of your breasts and make them look amazing and fabulous !

# 1 You must look for a good fit and wear it regularly

Your bra has to be a good fit, if the bra doesn’t fit perfectly it will be one of the worst things you may do for your breasts, it does not matter how amazing the cleavage. It is true not many women were born ready to be a Victoria’s secret model, but making your breasts uncomfortable with a tight bra will not do you any good.

good bra for breasts

Choose bras that make you feel comfortable, not just look great.The importance of comfortable bras can only be enhanced by the fact that they work best, if you wear them regularly.

The simple truth behind sagging is that gravity works its evil on yours breasts, and wearing a good, comfortable bra is the only way to prevent this evil. Unsupported breasts can sag earlier. It’s a little like dough, if you let a piece of dough hang, it will start to stretch down.

#2 Massages and cold showers play important role, also sit up

Massaging your breasts regularly provide a double purpose. On the one hand, it lets you feel any irregularities at an early stage and show you the measures. On the other hand, like any other massage, it increases the circulation of your blood, also increases the health of your cellular, and keeps your breasts looking great.

breast massage

Cold showers are also great for yours breast however, it is not the treatment to jump to, especially, if it’s winter, but cold water is great for the skin of your breasts. You can either turn up the cold water and directly a shower head to massage you breasts, or soak a sponge in cold water and use it to massage your breasts with it.

You can also add some mint oil for additional effect. also good posture is very good for your breasts and does wonders for them and also great for your spine.

Always try to walk with your head high, as if you’re carrying something on it. Try to always keep your spine straight and your shoulders pulled back. It may take time to get used to it but once you get use to it and it became a hobbit, you won’t even notice you’re doing it.

#3 You should eat well

That’s a general advice when it comes to healthy, and taking good care of your skin, and it is really important for the sensitive skin on the breasts. Food like, Fish, greens, and cereals are really good, but a healthier diet as a whole is the way to go, if you want to be happy with the sight of your breasts in the mirror.

There is also something you should realize you to ease on the diets, of course we all heard about boomerang. know starvation is followed by overeating leads to sharp fluctuations in your weight.

healthy food for nice breast

these fluctuations have devastating effects on your breasts and also the skin becomes less elastic and saggy, and stretchmarks rear their ugly heads. You have also to try to sleep on your back to avoid developing wrinkles on your breasts.

Sleeping on them will get your wrinkles over there and that’s the last thing you want.

#4 Working out will do wonder for your breast

There are tons of workouts out there that help keep your breasts firm and in great shape. Make sure you include them in your daily or even weekly workout routine and you’ll notice the difference with time. There are a wide range of workouts take wall press for example it is considered to be one of the most effective exercises.

This exercise will help you keep your breasts firm and also increase the size of you breast naturally and its results appears really quickly and I grantee you it doesn’t have any side effects all this exercise take is to put your and against the wall and do the same thing as the process of pushups, just try to focus on the area of the chest and try to repeat it for several times.

Another exercise that is really helpful and really common and loved between women is dumbbells chest press this exercise will help you increase the size of your chest naturally and it doesn’t take a lot of effort and it is very effective exercise.

#5 Look for the right cut for your shape

It doesn’t make a difference whether your breasts are large or small, there’s a bra cut or style that works best and will match your shape. Try to find the right bra by trying on different shapes and cuts, it will be helpful if you did that under the supervision of a professional. More importantly, try the bras on under clothes to see how they look on you when you move.

Size isn’t the only thing to you keep in mind when try to find the right bra skin firmness is one of the most important factors. Saggy breasts need the support of a seamed bra.

#6 Try to drink water regularly

Drinking water is way important than you think, if you got dehydrated that means you skin will be dry, and of course dry skin sags easily, because it’s less elastic. And we don’t mean that you have to be parched to drink a lots of water. Try to drink it regularly, also try to drink freshly squeezed juices, rather than bottled sugary drinks.

#7 Moisturize

if you really want to take good care of you breasts you should get involve in in regular treatments that includes moisturizing creams or lotions, and for sure natural products is way better.

moisturize cream

Cocoa butter is considered to be very effective; it’s regularly recommended for breast care during pregnancy. It will make your breast skin so smooth.

#8 Look for organic fabrics not synthetic

Staying a little more on the subject of lingerie, you should know that natural fabrics like cotton and silk are far better choice, than synthetic. Synthetic material can be really uncomfortable for your body and can irritate your skin, they also retain moisture and could lead to infections, among other things.

Besides, if you have supersensitive skin, the risk of skin irritations is even higher. the natural choice is always better and more beneficial to your body.

#9 Wear sport bra at home as much as possible

If your cup size if more than a B, meaning that your size is C or D, then you should wear wear a sports-bra or soft-bra at home whenever you can to avoid saggy breasts it’s preferable that you take it the bra off while sleeping.

sport bra

Many of the best sports bra are like double bras which has additional layers and side panels these are great ways for extra support.

Sports bras always has Moisture-Wicking Fabric so you can actually trap moisture under the breast that can cause a rash. Make sure your bra is made from a fabric that doesn’t incubate that moisture.

#10 Use some bronzer

If you’re wearing a dress or a top that’s showing some cleavage, put some shimmery bronzer, which would look great when the light reflects off your chest.

Applying the darker color bronzer or some powder down the middle of your chest, between your breasts, and Then blend the color upward and outward, creating a shape of V and along the natural curve of the breast, or Blur the pencil to your natural skin tone using a matte bronzer with a few shades darker than the one you always normally use, then sweep highlighting powder around the center of each brush to create the illusion of fullness.

breast bronzer

Doing those steps will make you breast look stunning and you will feel very confident !

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